Landmark Security

Construction Security

Loss on the construction site can be devastating and can take mere moments to occur. At Landmark we understand the unique nature of preventing loss and damage in the construction environment. Landmark knows that loss and damage can come in many forms during any phase of construction. Our Security Officers assigned to construction sites receive in depth training to be aware of potentially disastrous situations such as flood, fire, fluid and chemical leaks in addition to standard security issues such as theft and vandalism.

Landmark has available a variety of cost effective, simple, yet proven effective methods. At landmark we stress visibility for maximum deterrent impact. Available are police type uniformed Officers on site with clearly placarded vehicles, complete with magnetic mounted strobe lights that let everyone approaching know that this site is protected. Signage can also be included that allows everyone at all times to know that this site is protected. All levels of protection are available including armed officers in complete police style marked patrol vehicles.

The Landmark Guard-Trac system is a cost effective tool to provide positive control. It insures that Officer patrols are conducted on time and as directed. A series of strategically located registration points, working in conjunction with the hand held device, provide for positive tracking of an Officer during patrols. These can be placed at key points such as tool and materials storage areas, gates and access points or on key equipment. The Guard-Trac System can generate reports in any variety of formats. These reports provide a detailed record of the whereabouts of an Officer down to the exact second contact was made with the registration point. Officers also provide detailed written logs of all activity and patrols conducted on site. Oversight is also provided by seasoned supervisory personnel that insure our Officers are on-site alert and performing their duties as prescribed by the client and our management team. Supervisors and management personnel are available to our clients 24 hour a day 365 days a year.
All of our Officers must meet stringent requirements for clear criminal background. These include fingerprint checks of nationwide databases. Additionally, our Officers must complete training designed to insure that our Officers operate lawfully, safely and effectively in the field. Officers assigned to construction areas receive additional training in areas specific to the construction environment.

Landmark will have our field assessment and management team meet on site and conduct an in depth survey to assess the client’s unique protective service needs. These surveys are conducted free of charge to the client. Feel free to contact a representative any time to discuss any protective service concerns.