Landmark Security

Retail Security and Loss Prevention

The retail environment can be one of the most cost effective arenas for uniformed protective service. Just the mere presence of a uniformed Officer strategically placed has a proven track record for substantial reduction in Retail Shrink. These savings far outstrip the expenditure for protection. Uniformed Officers have also been proven to be one of the most effective tools in the prevention of on-site violent criminal activity. Utilizing On-Site uniformed Security Officers has had a dramatic effect in the prevention of the most alarming and potentially life threatening of crimes; the armed robbery. Additionally, assigned Landmark Officers can be tasked to provide patrols of parking areas to greatly reduce incidence of vehicle break-in. These patrols also add to the overall sense of safety well being for both patrons and employees.

We strive to have our Officers become integrated partners into the business communities in which they serve. We stress to our Officers that they are to help provide a welcoming impression while providing an atmosphere of safety and well being. This is accomplishable while maintaining a high level of professionalism and visibility.

Incidence will occur that warrant an individual be banned from a facility. These include but are not limited to larceny, shoplifting, solicitation and vagrancy. Landmark operates as a buffer between the proprietor and the person responsible for improper activity. Landmark operates as an “Authorized Agent” and in conjunction with the local police is authorized to ban anyone, for any reason, from private property upon the request of the client. After having been banned, any violation of this order may result in the subsequent arrest of the violator. Typically the offender is charged with criminal trespass and the process continues from there. No further action is required upon the part of the client. This serves to greatly reduce the stress associated with confrontation.

The available Landmark Guard-Trac system is a cost effective tool to provide positive control. It insures that Officer patrols are conducted on time and as directed. A series of strategically located registration points, working in conjunction with the hand held device, provide for positive tracking of an Officer during patrols. These can be placed at key points such as parking areas, shipping receiving entrances, merchandise storage areas, gates and access points or on key equipment. The Guard-Trac System can generate reports in any variety of formats. These reports provide a detailed record of the whereabouts of an Officer down to the exact second contact was made with the registration point. Officers also provide detailed written logs of all activity and patrols conducted on site. Oversight is also provided by seasoned supervisory personnel that insure our Officers are on-site alert and performing their duties as prescribed by the client and our management team. Supervisors and management personnel are available to our clients 24 hour a day 365 days a year.

Where exterior mounted patrols are warranted; we offer two tiers of patrol vehicle service. Option one includes a police style marked four door sedan. This vehicle is complete with striping, door badge and conspicuous light bar. This vehicle allows for the maximum of visible deterrent; particularly after dark as it can be seen and recognized as an enforcement type vehicle, even from great distances. Option two has our officers utilize their own private vehicle. The officers’ vehicle is supplied with highly visible, distinctively styled door placards and roof mounted magnetic patrol light. Highly visible green security vehicle lighting, by law, is permissible for use in any non public highway areas. This technique is highly effective in deterring incidents of vehicle break-in, assaults and theft. Also on light bar equipped vehicles; side, rear and front spot lighting can be utilized for an enhanced deterrent effect.

High visibility coupled with training, professional appearance and demeanor are the cornerstones of an effective security program. Our Officers wear distinctive black and grey police style uniforms. These uniforms are complete with badge and credentials that clearly identify them as North Carolina Private Protective Services Board Registered Security Enforcement Officers. We also have our own PPSB certified training program. This way we can insure that our officers have received the proper training and have an in depth understanding of what is expected of them in the field.

All of our Officers must meet stringent requirements for clear criminal background. These include fingerprint checks of nationwide databases. Additionally, our Officers must complete training designed to insure that our Officers operate lawfully, safely and effectively in the field. Officers assigned to retail locations receive additional training in areas specific to that environment.

Landmark will have our field assessment and management team meet on site and conduct an in depth survey to assess the client’s unique protective service needs. These surveys are conducted free of charge to the client. Feel free to contact a representative any time to discuss any protective service concerns.